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Germany Has a Serious Management Problem

Germany Has a Serious Management Problem, that’s how it is?
How does that finding fit into Germany’s current image of being a winner of the crisis and the most powerful force in Europe?

Efficiency, the most prominent ad word of German companies?

Hubris in the face of amigo scandals and doctorate fraud?

However, isn’t the Gallup study a glaring example of misleading HR theories, i.e. nobody needs motivated and well-managed people to make a profit? Is it?


Back Again

It’s been 2 years since this blog got phased out.I left Japan and felt there was nothing more to say since this blog was meant to be a kind of a living snapshot.
But life taught me again that any closed door leads doesn’t mean another door unopened.
Hence, I changed tack, left my home town and reembarked in IT security.
But I can’t stop listening to the news from Japan and thinking about risk management.

Until my first articles about the German Angst in the face of risk and security find their way into the public, I like to invite any reader to my previous posts about Japan … hope to find the pictures again.

Japan without Japanese?

The boss of Rakuten, one of the major internet shopping sites in Japan, mentioned recently that English will have become the #1 company language by 2012 – accompanied by a call for executives to leave the company unless they learn English (Source:

This statement came amidst a government initiative changing Japanese immigration laws and residence permits.

Things are changing? Slowly?

Godzilla in Kyoto

Grandmaster T, this is for you.

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Incombustible China

Without any words, see yourself. Continue reading ‘Incombustible China’

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