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G’bye Japan and Touch Down in Berlin

G’bye Japan as you hope to see me again!

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Going Home

Three months have passed now. I am packing my stuff now and look back.
It was abnormously hot, hotter than usual during this season as my colleagues said. In August, you cannot even walk 100 metres without soaking your clothes in sweat. But thanks to lots of shopping facilities, a cooling place is just a stone throw away.

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Finance Hobbies

What’s on the leisure list of a financial guy or at least somebody assuming himself to be one?

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Bythoughts of an ongoing MBA

I am almost finished now with my training at a German-Japanese Financial company. One thing which really puzzled me was that question of how to manage your boss. You may find a lot of articles on this topic, especially one of famous Peter Drucker. He wrote about two basic characters 30 years ago, the reader and the listener, and how to handle them properly. But first you need to handle yourself, your countenance and your attitude.

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Well, let me guess.
Most Japan visitors may have asked themselves why goods and services are so expensive?

Nonetheless to say that prices also depend on the residential area – and most are at Japan’s #1 spot, Tokyo, which is not a fair measure for whole Japan.

However, another right question could be why the same goods and services in the rest of the world are so cheap? At least I did.

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Japanese Risk Management

Managing risk in a so-called risk-avoiding culture – sounds contradicting, erh?

It does not mean there aren’t any risks. Let’s say, they are hidden away, sweeped under the carpet, or crammed into somebody else’s stomach.

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Starting is easy?

Or: how much money do I need to live in Japan for a while?

Before boarding to my flight to Japan, the costs of living were puzzling me although I knew Tokyo to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Hence, for all of you soon-to-be-visitors or interns, here is a little guide line about Japanese price levels.

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