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The Inconsistency of IT Security

IT security is self-defeating since it’s life blood, or call it success proposition, is an infinite tug-of-war without winners: don’t win at no loss. One wins, both them lose.


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This time is different

What happened?
Having survived the collapse, well educated people were on the hunt for new revenues.
Astrophysicists, mathematicians, and other geeks started drawing profits from market volatility with the help of machines crunching their elaborate quant models.
Icelandic fisherman buying assets abroad with borrowed foreign money.
Irish banksters inflating their national real estate markets with destructive tax competition and borrowed money from abroad.
Greeks cheating their way into the EU in order to borrow like solvent citizens and nordic tax payers.
Investors, mainly the Landesbanks from Germany, hurled in to take the opposite side of the bet that none of these borrowers will ever default.
And the quants who produced such toxic crap ran to mom and asked her for insurance on assets they did not even own!
Glorious days, those were.

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A needle without context …

… is nothing more than a straw in a haystack.

While reviewing some articles of the last years, I found an interesting study from 2011.
Entitled “Public Security: Simulation Need to Replace Conventional Wisdom“, that study proves a commonplace: Data without context is nothing.
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Information Security: YES, YOU CAN!

As a sequel to my previous post, two questions arose.

1. What is the payoff of all sorts of digital trawling without reasonable suspicion?

2. Can anyone can actually opt out of all that digital trawling of the likes of PRISM or TEMPORA?
[Note: you find an answer to the second question at the end of this post.]

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Who owns data PRoperties in view of Information Security Measures?

The media currently ventilates a lot of heat about boundless governmental spying activities whereas the most citizens stay astoundingly calm.
As I however see the debate on PRISM and whatever emerges nowadays it goes back to a very old issue: code versus data.

Code belongs to an entity in order to work on data obtained from any valid source. Code emanates and absorbs data. Data can be ported much easier to any other code base than the code itself. But code itself is effectively useless without data.
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Turning Japanese?

Several German papers carried the news of an open letter asserting a “collective cut of working hours” from 40 down to 30 without any paycut!
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Shortie to Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Employing statistics, mathematics and what have you in numerics?

A figleaf? A role at which you can point fingers when things go wrong?

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