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This time is different

What happened?
Having survived the collapse, well educated people were on the hunt for new revenues.
Astrophysicists, mathematicians, and other geeks started drawing profits from market volatility with the help of machines crunching their elaborate quant models.
Icelandic fisherman buying assets abroad with borrowed foreign money.
Irish banksters inflating their national real estate markets with destructive tax competition and borrowed money from abroad.
Greeks cheating their way into the EU in order to borrow like solvent citizens and nordic tax payers.
Investors, mainly the Landesbanks from Germany, hurled in to take the opposite side of the bet that none of these borrowers will ever default.
And the quants who produced such toxic crap ran to mom and asked her for insurance on assets they did not even own!
Glorious days, those were.

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I want companies to create value rather than choking democracy with conspirative courts and governing my tax bill through alleged litigation claims.



A needle without context …

… is nothing more than a straw in a haystack.

While reviewing some articles of the last years, I found an interesting study from 2011.
Entitled “Public Security: Simulation Need to Replace Conventional Wisdom“, that study proves a commonplace: Data without context is nothing.
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Security vs. Freedom

If you speak German you may have a look at this:

Turning Japanese?

Several German papers carried the news of an open letter asserting a “collective cut of working hours” from 40 down to 30 without any paycut!
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G’bye Japan and Touch Down in Berlin

G’bye Japan as you hope to see me again!

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Going Home

Three months have passed now. I am packing my stuff now and look back.
It was abnormously hot, hotter than usual during this season as my colleagues said. In August, you cannot even walk 100 metres without soaking your clothes in sweat. But thanks to lots of shopping facilities, a cooling place is just a stone throw away.

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