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Minister No More!

Goodbye, Mr Varoufakis,

… and welcome back on the science stage.
Policy and science rarely come together.

Science approximates the truth, it’s a conquest for the rules of the game.
Policy approaches power, it’s a strenuous fight to set the rules of the game.
No politician seems to like being taught his own rules.
Better a good teacher than a knowing politician.

Yanis Varoufakis

The referendum of 5th July will stay in history as a unique moment when a small European nation rose up against debt-bondage.

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Greece, thank you for bringing back democracy!

Thank you Greece for exposing the state of the European Union

Thank you Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis for opening the eyes of European citizens who can clearly see now the shape and nature of the European Union, very clearly.
It is a monetary behemoth politically restrained by national egos.

Over the past months of Greece’s evolving debt crisis, the Eurogroup and the European treasury secretaries told Greece what it ought to do and what to omit. Each of those negotiators referred itself to the will of its national voters.

But even the position of Greeks government has been justified by its public.

Europe’s dilemma

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Greece — and now CONFESS!

Greece, you have any right for a referendum
And here’s why.
Let’s consult game theory – the playground of Mr Varoufakis – to find some answers.

Let’s be clear: neither Greece nor the European Union is interested in Greece’s disintegration.
Greece’s referendum is NOT about Greeks membership in the European Union!
The general question of a Grexit is a prisoner’s dilemma in the eyes of a game theorist.
It is clear that Greece’s membership as well as its disintegration will cost the EU tax payer anyhow.
The costs of a dissolution are assumed to be higher than the cost of integration.
Greece and the EU are thus better off within the European framework, so both they more or less openly confessed to stay together.

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