Greece, thank you for bringing back democracy!

Thank you Greece for exposing the state of the European Union

Thank you Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis for opening the eyes of European citizens who can clearly see now the shape and nature of the European Union, very clearly.
It is a monetary behemoth politically restrained by national egos.

Over the past months of Greece’s evolving debt crisis, the Eurogroup and the European treasury secretaries told Greece what it ought to do and what to omit. Each of those negotiators referred itself to the will of its national voters.

But even the position of Greeks government has been justified by its public.

Europe’s dilemma

There we are at the center of Europe’s issue: the European Union has taken all monetary instruments from the national state and concentrated this power into the hands of some European institutions. Hence, European solutions have to be monetary expressed in political jargon, dictated by a convention of national egos.
This very policy has brought misery to Greece since 2009, so Greece just said no in 2014.
No European citizen should care whether Greece has not fulfilled the terms of the help program negotiated with the EU. She should care about one fact: despite the contractual terms of the European financial help the European bureaucrats did not really care whether the negotiated terms were implemented by Greek governments until 2014. One financial package succeeded another, one lukewarm promise replaced another, some figures were presented, and all was fine.
That fuss could have gone on for years until Greece elected a new, a leftist government headed by Mr Tsipras and Mr Varoufakis. It was not until 2014 when the same EU bureaucrats suddenly cared and started to read the contracts by the letter.

The IMF conceded that all their predictions and measures for Greece were wrong. But the EU rulers stuck to their plan against the vote of Greece’s legally elected government. They forgot Mexico, they denied Brazil and many other failed monetary manouevers of the IMF.

Blunt medieval catholic rage broke out: catch the debtor, whip him, hang him high, and enslave his whole family. That’s how defaulters were dealt with centuries ago.

This week, the Greek misery has turned into a European tragedy.
As Greece is called to a referendum in order to decide about the continuation of EU’s failed policy, those responsible for the Greek malaise appeal to the Greek public for overthrowing their own government!
I despise being ruled by old men with ineffective economic ideas and such an anti-democratic stance.
Shame on you!

So please, don’t you bother me with “European values”.

It’s rather clear, very clear: EU bureaucrats – dizzied by their self-illuminated holy mission of Charlemagne – won’t let Greece slip away — too much greek flirting with Russia and China and too much hubris towards the European mission.
The solution can only be political and things can only get better for Greece.


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