The Inconsistency of IT Security

IT security is self-defeating since it’s life blood, or call it success proposition, is an infinite tug-of-war without winners: don’t win at no loss. One wins, both them lose.


Just read Bian Que’s story, the physician to the king:

“You and your two brothers are all skilled in medicine, which of you is the best?”

Bianque answered, “My eldest brother is the best, the next is my second brother, and the last is me.”

The King asked again, “Then how is it that you are the most famous?”

Bianque replied, “My eldest brother treats a disease when it is just beginning to show symptoms. What he does is to remove the pathogen–members of my family can all see that but other people cannot. That’s why he doesn’t enjoy wide recognition. My second brother cures a disease in its early stages. People thus mistake him as only capable of treating minor illnesses. So he is merely known within this locality and its neighborhood. As for me, I treat a disease when it is already well developed and very serious. People observe me perform bloodletting by injecting tubes into vessels or applying medical ointment on the skin, and thus look upon me as well versed in medicine. So I have become well known all over the country.”

The King was quite satisfied and said, “You’ve given a cogent explanation.”



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