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Why the Pirate Party does not appeal to German voters in 2013 (probably)

Germany is about to go to the ballot boxes this year on September 22nd. Piratenpartei Deutschland Logo

One party caught my interest as they serve the Germany’s nerds: the Pirate Party.
But since their first and much applauded appearance on the political scene of the European parliament in 2009, the Berlin Senate in 2011 and several other German regional parliaments the party’s fortune has changed.

Executives come and go, shame-flame one another. Today, the party appears as a vanity fair to the outsider, or better, a feast of hurt feelings served cold.

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Turning Japanese?

Several German papers carried the news of an open letter asserting a “collective cut of working hours” from 40 down to 30 without any paycut!
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Mr Koo, tell me something new

Two years ago I stumbled across an amazing explanation of Japans recession after its property bubble, the so-called “Heisei bubble”, went bust at the end of the 1980’s.
Stories of Japans dwindling economic miracle and skyrocketing governmental debt had hit the front pages and economists had turned themselves loose on the phenomenon of zombie banks.
Sarcastic folks even called Japan a “loser’s paradise”.

But how do such judgments fit into the picture that the Japanese economy has actually not tanked despite a “lost decade”?

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Back Again

It’s been 2 years since this blog got phased out.I left Japan and felt there was nothing more to say since this blog was meant to be a kind of a living snapshot.
But life taught me again that any closed door leads doesn’t mean another door unopened.
Hence, I changed tack, left my home town and reembarked in IT security.
But I can’t stop listening to the news from Japan and thinking about risk management.

Until my first articles about the German Angst in the face of risk and security find their way into the public, I like to invite any reader to my previous posts about Japan … hope to find the pictures again.

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