Three weeks have passed now — and I MISS Japan!

While I am writing my MBA thesis I get deeper into the nuts and bolts of Japan’s economy. …

Arguments pop up telling me that Japan is NOT a “loser’s paradise” as it was described by economists who probably can only differentiate between Smith and Marx. This b*s*t fails to recognize the efforts of Japanese during the lost decade. Or, as Richard Koo put it, the Japanese government bought a “2,000 trillion Yen GDP equivalent” for “325 trillion Yen” of debt through public spending (Koo’s good news). He expresses with words what every Japan visitor can see and feel – “pay-off” rather than “make profit with cheap debt”!

Add some read of Krugman’s new book “The Return of the Depression Economics and The Crisis of 2008”, especially the chapter on Japan, and you’ll stop saying “collapse, break down, stop wasting resources.” Since your life is directly affected, now!

And we have much more to learn from Japan than shedding bad words on that archipelago like “financial mess” (Lincoln).

However, one question remains open: what will happen to Japan if its debt-appetite will not return?


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