Kyo-To ≠ To-Kyo

Yesterday, an email arrived in my inbox asking me how I actually manage to write all these letters, to work, and stay in touch with my family?
Good question! And by the way, I have time to travel since Japan has 17 public holidays annually, more than most Western countries!

There are still two posts sleeping in my draft folder … but Kyoto, man, … Kyoto is really worth a trip.
Tokyo is not a fair measure for Japan, no! And maybe you, dear reader, sensed that I am not such a big fan of Tokyo.
Kyoto, Yokohama, Hokkaido, and all these nice islands around Japan – there you go.

But first and foremost Kyoto is a MUST-GO for every Japan visitor.
Hence, here is one more!
See yourself, my story of Kyoto in 36 little pictures (out of 256 by the way).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Convinced now?

Unless, you gotta see the Kyoto cruise from world cruise 2010:


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