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Going Home

Three months have passed now. I am packing my stuff now and look back.
It was abnormously hot, hotter than usual during this season as my colleagues said. In August, you cannot even walk 100 metres without soaking your clothes in sweat. But thanks to lots of shopping facilities, a cooling place is just a stone throw away.

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Something is wrong …

… with this car.

Guess what!

Finance Hobbies

What’s on the leisure list of a financial guy or at least somebody assuming himself to be one?

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Beauty II

Not far away from Asakusa, there’s a place inviting to rest for a while.
It drew me like a magnet and I can still not say what attracted me there.

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Beauty I

I have finally found beauty in Tokyo.

Asakusa (pronounced Asaksa).

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Godzilla’s shaking Tokyo

Shudder, Tokyo.

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Being German, Deutsch sein.

Since Japan seems not to be a permissive or absorbing culture as such, this country makes you taking on a different view on yourself and your background unless you want to become a naturalized foreigner. And if you did not make any of such an experience, you dug not deep enough.
The outliers of such an experience or visible peaks of the iceberg can be found in the mental state of people leaving Japan.

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