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Intercultural … Turnaround

Some weeks ago, I penned some words on intercultural nonsense.
I took some of intercultural hurdles though my opinion about this topic has hardly changed.
And here are some lessons.

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Tokyo – so what?

Tokyo, I do have a question.

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Japanese Risk Management

Managing risk in a so-called risk-avoiding culture – sounds contradicting, erh?

It does not mean there aren’t any risks. Let’s say, they are hidden away, sweeped under the carpet, or crammed into somebody else’s stomach.

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Starting is easy?

Or: how much money do I need to live in Japan for a while?

Before boarding to my flight to Japan, the costs of living were puzzling me although I knew Tokyo to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Hence, for all of you soon-to-be-visitors or interns, here is a little guide line about Japanese price levels.

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Intercultural … nonsense

Have you attended an intercultural class?

Were you also presented with a scale of 5 to 8 “basic” cultural traits into which your glaring teacher’s example of interculture puts all of the about 160 nations in the world?

And have you tried to “ride the waves of culture” by putting people into drawers, say, of “synchronicity” vs. “sequentialism” just to feel bad about your little underdeveloped brain not able to exercise more than one action at a time?

Then, let’s discuss the pros and cons for a while.

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3 stages of Japan-ism

If you are in a foreign country, you may discover three stages of adaption.

Well, it’s been a long time since I have keyed in some words into this text box to let the world know how I fare.
A couple of weeks ago, I heard of three basic stages through which you move after arriving in Japan – stages which are probably not limited to visitors of Japan: Continue reading ‘3 stages of Japan-ism’

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