So, how is it?

My traineeship in Risk Management counts now one week and I am rather delighted by the way things go.

My Japanese colleagues are curious and polite. Although it’s a German company, it seems to be naturalized – Japanese influence put into the German way of work regulation. The best of both.

I was educated and employed in the German “Mittelstand” (SME) but I can see real differences. The mood is a bit more relaxed, positive, and focused on people. It’s how you make progress rather than fulfilling the number in the most thrifty and efficient way.

Just like in one of Glashaus’ songs:

Eines Tages werd’ ich mich freuen,
eines Tages werd’ ich jubeln und schrein,
denn eines Tages wird wie in meinen Traeumen
weder Tod noch Trauer mehr sein.

So that’s how it is – d i f f e r e n t.


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