Touch down in Japan.

Wow, I made my way to Japan.
Fifth day, another very sunny one in a row of beautiful days.

A Different language I cannot speak, people looking different than me – I must be a stranger but I do not feel like one.

For the first night, I stayed in a capsule hotel, which How to rest in Tokyo?may stir strange feelings from a distance, especially for a European who thinks more about morgues.
But it’s not since a human being does not need more than 50 square feet for a nap.

The next day, I headed towards my landlord to sign my lease contract.

Japanese say something like “difficult” if they mean no. Europeans say difficult if they face strange, stiff, and bloated rules. Hence, formal interactions between Japanese and European people seems to be very difficult.

My lease contract contains 16 paragraphs of which each and any had to be signed by me. And the more I dived into the regulation I asked myself whether this means that foreigners are unreliable slovens or that trust is an issue.


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