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What will I have for dinner?

Dear, for how long haven’t I had soup for dinner?

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Tokyo – through European eyes

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and Fooooood!

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This blog is becoming a bit yellow, isn’t it? BILD-Zeitung but one with a very low coverage. Anyway, just another picture.

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How important are internships to MBAs?

Do you sell yourself too cheaply since you can look back on some years of working experience?
Is it an opportunity to get one’s feet wet?

Maybe the following article sheds some light on one of the most puzzling question: “How important are internships to MBAs“.

36 Stratagems: 三十六計

Three weeks have passed since my arrival in Japan. Back then, I started to read a book about the 36 Stratagems which should be a must read for any European manager in need for a better understanding of the Chinese culture.
I do not know exactly whether my Japanese fellows are educated in the sense of these guiles.

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Feels like home …

Sometimes, and by incident this rare feeling of home climbs up your legs at a place where it’s least expected.

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